Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 27

“We need the new evangelization. We need to be reawakened in our love for and adherence to the good news that Christ has died for us and has given us eternal life so that we can go to heaven.” - Scott Sollom

Thank you to all the grandfathers and fathers who came to the mass and breakfast on Friday morning for the Solemnity of St. Joseph. The kids were very excited to have such special guests in the school. Also, thank you for the volunteers who helped make the breakfast happen! Without your help, things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as they did. We appreciate families who signed up to bring in treats for the feast day of St. Patrick on Friday as well. Our students had a lot of energy to end the week. :)

Our students enjoyed the second week of the Dr. Seuss unit this week! They decorated their own hat after reading the Cat in the Hat, started our classroom garden after reading The Lorax, and made “pink ink drink” from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Be sure to ask your child about our classroom garden and how they enjoyed the pink ink drink. If you would like to make your own pink ink drink at home, here is the recipe we followed and multiplied for all the students in our class:

4–6 large strawberries (fresh or frozen)
4 ice cubes (if using fresh strawberries)
2–3 tablespoons vanilla yogurt
½ cup orange juice
glasses and straws

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and frothy. Serve in a glass with a straw. This recipe makes one serving. Recipe from:

We have one more week until spring break! Here are a couple friendly reminders for the upcoming week:
  • Spring Break for St. Peter’s is Monday, March 27- Friday, March 31. We hope you enjoy your time off of school!
  • Please be sure to check the Wednesday folders for any fees or payments needed from the office.

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend with your families! We will see you tomorrow and God bless!

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Joseph, pray for us!
St. Peter, pray for us!



Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 26

“We desire crazy adventures. This is what we’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten the adventure it is to follow Jesus. We’ve made following Jesus Christ lame and boring and burdensome. Jesus invites you to risk. He invites you to walk on water.” - Father Joe Freedy

This week was the first week of our Dr. Seuss unit! From the read aloud stories to the small group lessons, the students learned more about the fun within the Dr. Seuss books. We started the unit on Monday reading the Lorax, and creating the character using paper plates and paper. The 4K students created Truffula trees to go along with the Lorax, and these are hanging on our bulletin board in the hallway. Please be sure to check them out! Along with reading the Lorax, we talked about the lessons within the story. We shared how Dr.Seuss connects the Lorax with environmental concerns happening in our world today. Additionally, the class read the books Horton Hears A Who, Are You My Mother?, and Oh the Things You Can Think!

Thank you for all the parents who chaperoned on our field trip on Wednesday to Seussical! With your help, things transitioned smoothly throughout the morning. The students seemed to enjoy Seussical and the field trip experience. On Friday, we talked with the class how different characters in Seussical showed compassion throughout the musical. Then we discussed how they can show compassion to people in their lives. The students connected to the character Horton the elephant and how he tried to do the right thing in the story even when it was hard. He also showed compassion to everyone, not just certain characters. “A person’s a person no matter how small” is a line that was repeated both in Seussical and the book. What a great message!

The PreK students started technology this week with Mrs. Klaas and Mrs. Rosemeyer. Together with the kindergarten students, they will be learning the basics of technology throughout this third trimester. On Friday, some of the students learned parts of a chromebook, and had the opportunity to practice using the touch pad on the chromebook. Other students learned the simple definition of algorithm, and practiced simple coding activities. Some of the students worked independently on the desktop computers in the classroom, exploring the website. This is the website the PreK students can play during their 20 minutes of computer time during centers. They are familiar with some of the games, and they enjoyed the time for more exploring during independent time.

Here are some friendly reminders for the upcoming week:
  • The father/grandfather breakfast is on Friday, March 17. 3K and 4K will go to mass this day and join fathers/grandfathers attending. There will be breakfast afterwards in the cafeteria. We’re looking forward to it!
  • Office of Safe Environment is pleased to announce a special session of Protecting God’s Children for Parents!  This session will be held Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Bishop O’Connor Center Auditorium Conference Room.  Please note, while this Session is geared toward parents/guardians, it also satisfies the compliance requirement for employees and volunteers.   Registration is open!  Please register at  
  • If you haven’t submitted your letter of intent for next year to the office, please do so this week in order for the office to have your child’s seat saved for next year.

Thank you for all your work and dedication to the St. Peter school! We are so grateful for the ways you give of your time and energy towards the classroom. It was very nice to meet with each of you at conferences last week. God bless your weekend!

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Peter, pray for us!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 25

"It is difficult to become saints. Difficult but not impossible. The road to perfection is long, just as long as a lifetime. Consolation is rest along the way, but as soon as your strength is restored, you must get up diligently and continue the race." St. Pio of Pietrelcina

The students had a fun week as we finished our last week of the pet unit. Throughout our lessons and discussions, the students seemed to really enjoy talking and learning more about pets. Specifically, this week we learned how some animals can have jobs or responsibilities that are important for the community. We read a book called My Buddy and it talked about a service dog for a boy with a disability. The students learned how animals on the job, like a dog helping a person with a disability or a police dog, should not be touched when on the job. They looked at the collar of these animals that have the “no touch” signal, and we should always before touching someone’s animal. Additionally, they participated in a shared writing lesson as they talked about reasons why they enjoy their pets. We also talked about families not having pets in their homes for certain reasons, and it’s ok if a person doesn’t like pets or animals. Everyone is created with different interests and passions.

On Wednesday, the students received ashes for Ash Wednesday with the rest of the school and St. Peter congregation. At the end of the day, Father Tait led our class in a discussion and mini-field trip back to the church to talk about what is different in the church during Lent, and why Lent is so important. We will continue to have these conversations throughout these weeks leading up to the Easter season. If you are looking for some ideas or explanations about Lent, here are some resources you can check out:

Sign up for the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure, and they send videos and activities for kids each day of Lent:

Here are a few friendly reminders for the upcoming week:
  • There are parent teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Please be sure to check the time slot you signed up for. We look forward to seeing you!
  • Wednesday is our field trip to Seussical. The 3K/4K students will not be going to mass on Wednesday in order to get ready for the field trip. The 3K/4K students will be going to mass on Friday morning with the school, since we aren’t going on Wednesday.
  • If you have not sent back your form for the grandfather/father breakfast, please be sure to do so this week in order for us to have a head count of those attending.
  • Mrs. Klaas and Mrs. Rosemeyer will be teaching technology to the Prek and K students on Fridays this trimester. If any parent is willing to volunteer from 2:15-3:00 on Fridays, we would appreciate all helping hands. In order to volunteer, you would need to have your Virtus training completed. We would be gladly to help you figure out a time that would work for the training. Thank you for considering!

We hope you enjoy a great Sunday with your families! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. See you tomorrow!

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Peter, pray for us!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 24

“Conversion is not only life- long - it’s daily.” - Dr. Scott Hahn

First, thank you to all the families who helped with the Fish Fry on Friday evening! Even with the weather conditions, we served 900 meals. We are grateful this year there were two fish fry nights to benefit our school. Every amount helps our school!

As we prepare for the end of the second trimester, we started the second trimester assessments during our short week. We hope you enjoy the few pictures we were able to take this week! With a 5 day week this upcoming week, we will provide more pictures and updates. Lastly, we will be finishing up our pet unit this week and preparing for our next unit -- Dr. Seuss! The students are excited for the play coming up on March 8th. :)

Here are a few upcoming reminders for the week:
  • Lent starts on Wednesday! All of the students will be attending the Ash Wednesday mass at 8:15. Families are welcome to join us as we begin this Lenten journey in our Church.
  • We did not send home blankets on Friday since it was a short week. Your students can keep the blanket in their cubby until we send them home on Friday, March 3.
  • If you have not signed up for conferences yet, please be sure to check the SignUpGenius and sign up for a slot.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We hope you enjoyed a great weekend with your families. God bless you, and see you tomorrow!

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Peter, pray for us!



Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 23

“The goal of the Christian is not to safely hide until Jesus comes back, but to go out and be bold.” - Brian Kissinger

This week during our religion lessons, the students learned more about Jesus as the Son of God, and why it is important to be images of God everywhere we go. We talked about what it looks like to be an image of God, and we discussed again on what it means to be a super friend to other classmates. They created a poster that lists ways they can be a super friend through their actions. In our preschool class, we are constantly talking about how we always want to treat our classmates with respect and dignity that God taught us to. We emphasize how everyone has a best friend in Jesus Christ, and we need to include our classmates and friends in our play.

Thank you to all those who brought in fruit for our fruit salad this week! During one of our small groups, the students followed the recipe and helped to pour in the ingredients for the fruit salad. Each of the students tried the fruit salad, and they enjoyed during our snack time, too. Based on how well they enjoyed making the fruit salad, I think we may have some future bakers and cooks in the room! In the other small group, the students compared and contrasted sizes of buildings and blocks using the words bigger, smaller, or the same. These concepts are important as they grow in their mathematical development, and comparing and contrasting are within the Early Literacy Standards.

Throughout our centers, the students continue to enjoy the pet unit by creating food containers at the art center, playing with the toy animals in the block center, and pretending to be veterinarians in the play center. Within a couple of our lessons, students learned the difference between a herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore. They had great curiosity with asking if certain animals only ate meat or plants, and perhaps they will continue these conversations at home with you!

Here are some friendly reminders for next week:
  • There is no school on Monday, February 20. There is a half day of school on Friday, February 24 for the school Fish Fry. Students will be dismissed at 12:00 (after lunch). Please be sure to check which jobs you have for the Fish Fry, and if you need to bring a dessert. Thank you in advance for all your hard work and dedication to our school!
  • Warmer days are near! The outdoor conditions next week may be more wet and muddy. Please be sure to send boots with your child to wear outside.
  • We still are in need of chaperones for our field trip on March 8 to Seussical. If you are able to join us, it would be great to have you join us! Each person costs $11.25 to attend. Thank you in advance!

We hope you enjoy a blessed, sunny weekend with your families! Enjoy the day off on Monday with the kiddos and we will see you back on Tuesday, and on Wednesday for 3K.

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Peter, pray for us!




Friday, February 10, 2017

Week 22

“Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart?” -St. Gerard Majella

As we completed our second week of the pet unit, the students learned about where pets live and what makes a good home for a pet. At the art center, the students used cardboard and paper to make habitats and homes for the animals at the block center. Students used the scissors and tape to construct many different kinds of home for pets! Perhaps some of you were able to see some of their creations in your child’s backpack this week. Additionally, students played veterinarian in the play center with the stuffed animals, animal cages, and toy stethoscope. The students have practiced “taking care” of the animals and pretending to be different kinds of animals themselves. Throughout the week we discussed the different kinds of environments pets can live in, based on what kind of animal they are. For example, on Friday the class did an experiment to find out how much water one fish would need to live in a fishbowl. We even had a visitor come in this week to share the responsibilities of taking care of a dog. The students really enjoyed when Petey the pug joined our class Monday afternoon! They learned that taking care of animals requires a lot of care, and time spent to make the pet’s home a good place for them to live.

During one of our small groups, the students learned about how to categorize and graph animals. Students observed our toy animals and categorized them based on what kind of environment they would live in. Students colored in the boxes to make bar graphs, and counted how many were in each category. The other small group were “poets” and learned how to create a poem. They learned how some poems can be rhyming, and some poems are not. Each group used adjectives to describe snow, and then created sentences to make a poem. Please check out their poems hanging in our classroom!

Here are a few friendly reminders for this week:
  • Our Valentine's Day party will be on Monday, February 13th at 2:15. If your child is planning to make Valentines, please be sure to check our class list so they make one for every child in the class.
  • Until there is no snow or ice on the ground, please be sure to send snow gear with your child to school. Thank you in advance!
  • Next week for small groups on Wednesday and Friday, the group will be making fruit salad. Please be sure to check the signup genius if you would like to sign up to bring in some fruit. Thank you!

We hope you have a blessed, healthy weekend with your families. God bless you and see you on Monday!

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Peter, pray for us!




Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 21

“True joy is a victory, something which cannot be obtained without a long and difficult struggle. Christ holds the secret of this victory.” - St. John Paul II

We hope everyone enjoyed the Catholic School’s Week activities and festivities this week! Thank you to everyone who helped to make the week a successful, fun week for the community at St. Peter’s Catholic School. As teachers, we are grateful for the opportunity to teach your children about Jesus and how to get to heaven through learning virtues and the Catholic faith. It was a special week watching the students be very enthusiastic with the dress up days and activities throughout the week. Students listened to different speakers on Monday who explained their job in the community. They learned more about technology and owning a restaurant through the parent speakers who came in to speak. On Tuesday, the 4K students went to Legacy Academy with the rest of the St. Peter’s students, and they had a blast! Wednesday, our students drew pictures to the veterans in thanksgiving for their service. In the afternoon, one of our student’s mom gave us a tour of the base she works at being a part of the army. They got to see a helicopter and the machines needed to communicate with the pilots on board. It was a great experience for our students to see! On Thursday, the 4K students spent a lot of time with their Catholic School’s Week teams and competed in the Catholic Trivia Bee and “Minute to Win It” games. With all the games throughout the day, the students liked spending time with the older students of the school. On Friday, the Sisters of Mary Morning Star visited our classroom to talk about what it is like to be a sister, and talked to the students about Jesus. The students smiled and loved talking with the sisters who listened to their questions and stories. We drew pictures for the seminarians of the Madison diocese and the PreK students had art with Mrs. Willman at the end of the day. A busy and enjoyable Catholic School’s week!

Here are a few friendly reminders for the upcoming week:
  • If you have graciously signed up for February snack, please send it in at the beginning of the month. In advance, thank you so much!
  • Our classroom Valentine’s Day party will be on Monday, February 13th at 2:15. If your child is planning to bring Valentines for students, please be sure to bring enough for all the 3K and 4K students.
  • During our pet unit, we’ve had a few people from St. Peter’s who have offered to bring in their dogs to our classroom at the end of the day. Please email Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Rosemeyer if you would not like your child present during this time, if your child is allergic, or if you wouldn’t like your child petting or touching the dogs, and we can move to a different area of the school.

We thank you for your dedication and time you put towards our school community! We are so thankful for you and your children.

In Christ,
Mrs. Rosemeyer and Mrs. Kelly

St. Peter, pray for us!